Otaku violence – who’da thought?

So… had Minihoon out pokemon hunting today in Shibuya and Akihabara (he got multiple Suicunes).

On our way back to the station in Akihabara, saw a first… some youngish seriously otaku type Japanese guy got irritated at one of the maids trying to hand him a flier, and he actually clocked her and sent her to the ground. The girl had the presence of mind to snap his picture with her phone, which he followed up with stomping on her hand and taking the phone from her. No idea what set him off, this came right out of the blue, we had been walking behind him for about a block, and he hadn't reacted to any of the other girls, but something about her just enraged him and BAM. Maybe she was doing a particularly crappy cosplay of some character he liked?

I handed my bag to Minihoon and stepped in between them so he couldn't keep it up, and it was actually pretty surprising – I had plenty of company. In seconds the guy was surrounded by a group of people so that he couldn't get away, and three of the maids from other shops were on their phones to the cops, while this guy was screaming a torrent of abuse at the poor girl and demanding that she delete the picture she took. Her hand was bleeding and you could already see she was going to have a brutal shiner later…

First cop arrived in less than a minute, summoned two more patrol cops and a car to take him to the station. The dumb asshole was screaming at the girl the whole time, even while they slapped the cuffs on him. SOB was hauled away in the back of a patrol car, and the cops were telling the girl they were calling an ambulance so she could get checked out and treated, then they would take her to the station to press charges. Plenty of witnesses giving statements so we just took our leave after I gave the girl my stash of band-aids from my EDC kit for her fingers.

Was really proud of my kid – he did exactly the right thing, just took my bag and got far enough away that he wouldn't get hit if something kicked off. The train home was spent in large part explaining why I just stood in between them like a wall and didn't touch the guy, so now he's learned about how Japanese cops feel about people getting involved….

Always figured those otaku types were high stung, first time to ever see one of them snap like that.

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