Gym manners = supermarket manners?

I'm visiting a gym regularly for the first time in Japan. Are there any 'rules' that people usually respect regarding personal space and use of the equipment?

I've noticed that people are oddly unobservant about what other people are doing. I mean, this is exactly how people act when driving or shopping in the market so I shouldn't really be surprised I guess. For example, I'll find an empty machine, set the position and weight, and do a set. If I take one step too far away during my interval someone else will step in and start to use it, apparently completely oblivious to the fact that I was still using it (but probably just ignoring me in actuality, just like when they cut you off at the store?). One guy actually meandered over and just leaned against my machine while I was hanging out really close to it. Leaned for a long time. Just kept leaning. Finally righted himself and wandered away just before my interval was over. Weird.

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