Lunch Breaks and Overtime Pay

Read over the overtime pay rules here, and started wondering how my contractually binding one hour break plays into this.

Since summer vacation started, none one us (boss included) have taken a full one hour break. On days where we're out, we take no break, and on days we are in the office, we take half hour breaks. While we all agreed to it, nothing was ever in writing. No hanko.

This is in contrast to spring vacation (and Saturdays), where there were no breaks, and no conversation about it. When I started working, that was just the way it was. Being able to take that half hour break actually meant something compared to not taking it at all.

But our contract states that we get a one hour break, and how do I know whether or not I get one hour taken out of my paycheck every day I work or not. On any given day, the person processing our payroll has no clue whether we have took a one hour break, half hour break, or no break at all.

Now that it has passed this point, I plan on bringing it up at work (small NPO with no HR department). Any advice?

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