Residence Card Still Valid; Any Chance of Trouble on Re-Entering Japan?

I've gotten half-ish answers looking around at other threads like:

And I think I should be fine but I just wanted to double check to see if anyone has been in the same position.

My residence card and visa are valid until January 2018, and I left Japan last September after notifying my ward office I was leaving and sorting all that stuff out etc.

When I left at the airport, I ticked the re-entry option (as was advised by one of the guys working there, he basically told me "Why not? Just in case.")

I'm flying into Japan next month, and I wanted to make sure I would have no problem getting in on my existing visa. I understand that my status may be revoked seeing as I haven't had work in Japan for the last year, but would that mean that I can just get in on a tourist visa? (I'm from the UK if that makes any difference.)


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