Suggestions on an office chair (that is not a Herman Miller)?

Wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a quality office chair that's available in Japan? I have been struggling with some pretty bad back pain since I arrived in Japan about 8 months ago and just can't seem to find a chair that doesn't leave me with searing upper back/shoulder pain by the end of the day.

I know this questions has been asked a few times before, but the answer in the past threads generally ended with "get a Herman Miller". And I did actually follow this advice and bought the current Herman Miller Flagship – the Herman Miller Embody. (

After a number of months with the Embody though, I am done trying to make it work. The back of the chair causes my shoulders to slump forward and the narrowness of the chair back also causes it to dig in right between my shoulder blades. I did try the chair before I bought it, but 5-10 minutes in the store cannot adequately represent what it will feel like after a 10+ hour work day.

So does anyone have any other recommendations? I've been eyeing the steel case leap, but after crapping out once on a very expensive chair I am a little more gun shy this time around. Was also thinking of swinging by Office Busters this weekend. Does anyone have any experience with them? Do they generally have a decent selection of chairs from foreign manufacturers?

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