Self Defense for women?

So this weekend I had my first strange encounter. I was sitting alone by myself out in the open on a bench in Odawara station waiting quite a while for my fiance to meet me there.

I then got approached by two Japanese girls who insisted on talking to me. Now I have patience with those who want to practice their English or whatever, rather than be rude I just told them in Japanese I was waiting on someone and figured they'd leave me alone. However they kept asking questions. They saw that I was using LINE so they kept asking me for my LINE ID (excuse me but I don't know you??). They kept asking what I was doing in Odawara, wanted to know when my next day off was and they wanted to see me again. (??????!)

By all of this I was getting severely uncomfortable. I'm a small woman 4'9 or 145cm ish. I often get mistaken as a kid frequently so this just sends all sorts of alarms through my head as to wtf these girls were up to. So I was panically LINE-ing my fiance on the train giving him updates on these girls and snapped a picture of them walking away.

They passed by me a few more times during my time waiting for fiance's arrival but I tried to not acknowledge them. By this point I don't want to be alone without him anymore. So he finally arrives and we leave the station to go to the underground shopping area. Figuring it was pretty safe and that I should be far away from the girls in the station so I allowed him to go to the bathroom on his own while I browsed a store real quick.

Lo and behold the two girls pop up as I finished browsing a store and was waiting out in the open for my fiance to get done with the toilet. So they approached me AGAIN. This time I said that I was waiting for my husband who is in the toilet and quickly walk back into a store and hang out next to the registers looking so interested in the stuff next to it.

By this point I update fiance that I saw them again and both fiance and I were getting very suspicious about these girls. So we left the whole area and went to a gathering in Odawara that took maybe 2-3 hours? Afterwards we had to go back to the station to catch the train. We opted to go through the underground area again, this time it was late and all the stores were closed so we figured it wouldn't be a big deal to just pass through quickly to get up to the station. I mean after 2-3 hours passed and all the shops are closed the girls shouldn't be around right?

WRONG. the girls showed up yet again (in this empty shopping corridor??) though seeing my fiance they didn't approach me this time. He recognized them from the photo and was like "is that them??? I want to go ask what their problem is.." I basically held him back because I wanted to be done with these girls that kept popping up and approaching me in several different locations and times. They had no shopping bags or anything. So they've had to been hanging around the station area for at least 6+ hours.. Doing.. What exactly?

Needless to say I'm kind of scared to go back near this station without my fiance due to these pair of girls that seem to hang around it. Maybe I'm overthinking it but something really felt off about them. I've already decided that if I ever saw them again I'd report it to someone at the station but I'm seriously leery about going through that station alone for now on.

Is pepper spray OK?

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