Crazy control freak or Responsibly worried

So I'm a 38 year old American who's lived in Tokyo for 10 years now working a middle management position in finance. I've been married for two wonderful years to a Japanese woman who's 15 years younger. She's got an "old soul" as they say and the age difference hasn't been an issue so far.

We had a beautiful one year old son and I'm thinking we're doing great. About a month ago she started streaming video games late at night on Twitch and since then I've woken up to her laughing and giggling with some guy at 3 AM, all she talks about is how great this guy is blah blah. Then I decided to watch her streaming and it's just a never ending string of comments in chat on her breasts and she looks while she's playing this game.

I've been upset that my wife is 1) spending more time chatting up this guy than me and 2) becoming jackoff internet material. She's upset that I'm trying to control her and says that she's home all day with the baby and needs to feel she has a community to interact with.

Online, My existence is of course a closely guarded that (unlike a full description of her breast size and shape) is "private"

Meanwhile I've been relegated to the chump who works, comes home to help with housework and babycare then goes to sleep so she can play.

Am I crazy? Is this an age thing or a cultural thing?

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