Shop recommendations for mens clothing in Tokyo?

I'll be abroad studying in Shinjuku, Tokyo (dorm is in Ikebukuro) this summer for 2.5 months and was planning on doing some clothes shopping while I was there. I'm a 5'7", 150lbs male so not too heavy, but I do have thick legs.

I'm looking for retail and also thrift shops as I've heard they're good in Japan. I don't have any particular type of clothes I want, just whatever I find and really like. But I do want to try on some raw denim brands so if anyone has any recommendations for places to go for raw denim that'd be good.

I was also curious if there was any time of the summer that stores tend to hold sales or anything like that? I'm pretty sure sales aren't too common in Japan but I don't really know.

And lastly I was also wondering about places to get an eye exam and get new glasses? Do they do them at the same place, do I have to go to an optometrist like in the U.S.? Are they cheaper or more expensive?

Sorry if these are obvious question. I've been to UNIQLO in Ginza before but that was about all the clothes shopping I did last year. Any shop suggestions or general clothing stores I should check out would be great!

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