Rubbish strewn in the streets, who do you call?

There's an apartment block down the street from us (around 50m away from my house) where the residents pile their bags of rubbish outside the little designated rubbish room. Natural consequence of this is that the crows peck the shit out of the bags and when I walk my dog at around 6:30 am, there is just rubbish strewn across around a 5-10 m stretch of the street. This is leftover curry, other random food and namagomi and its absolutely rank. It also makes walking the dog a nightmare since poor doggo is tempted by all the things. It's been happening for months now, but today's spread was particularly poor and I am pretty sick of having to tiptoe my way down this stretch of the street.

Who should I contact? Should I contact anyone at all, since I'm not actually a resident of the offending apartment block?

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