Old-fashioned person in need of new phone (for emergencies and work)

Hi! Sorry to bother everyone~ it might be ignorant and repetitive but I can't avoid how out of touch I am.

I moved to Japan (in October) and am need of a new phone as stated above – strictly for emergencies (and possibly for work). I don't plan to talk on the phone with friends, since I use e-mail for that. Because my phone use will be extraordinarily minimal, I wanted to buy a used phone, and a flip phone at that (I'm not partial to the new smartphones, and I have never owned one – I only want to use a flip phone, even if those are non fashionable).

Anyway, I found someone selling a used cell/flip phone on craigslist for a reasonable price, but it says "locked to Softbank". The owner of the phone said "…this cell phone is locked to SoftBank because I had a two year contract with SoftBank and then I broke the contact to use Docomo smartphone. So yes it's locked but not in contract anymore. I think you can use it with simcard that belongs to SoftBank." So…does this mean if I buy a "simcard" which is connected to Softbank I can use the phone, without any problems, without signing a contract/monthly bills?

Please explain to me like I'm a child. I haven't used a cellphone in over 5 years – I have been living "off grid" as they call it, and don't anything about sim cards, carriers, and all this business.

I simply want an inexpensive cellphone to use in case of emergencies,and maybe call my roommate.


Thank you very much.

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