Concerned about fire alarm response

Soka, Saitama.

What's the proper procedure for when a fire occurs in an apartment building?

A fire alarm went off in my building recently. Not that I knew about it until I was going out for a completely unrelated reason, and I got to the first floor and noticed two fire trucks, a hooked-up fire hose, and a fleet of firemen in front of my building as I was exiting. One eventually mentioned it was a false alarm.

There was no audible alarm going off or anything. No evacuation orders. No notice that anything was amiss except that I happened to see it.

Was there not supposed to be some notice? A blaring alarm that let's people know to get out of the building? When there are literally a couple of minutes before a room becomes impassible (you can find a number of videos showing flame-outs in under 3 minutes), I can't believe that the proper response is to wait for firemen to come out and observe the situation before telling everybody to get out.

Is this really typical response? If it's not, who do I notify or complain to? Are there any fire codes on the topic I should be aware of?

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