Global Reddit Meetup Day: Follow Up.

I had a great time meeting you guys last night – thank you all for being so nice and fun!

I wanted to make this thread so that those of us who didn't swap contact info would be able to PM each other. It'd be really nice to organise something else with you all soon 🙂 I'm also posting it here (and not in a more appropriate Japan meetup thread) since many of you said you use/lurk this particular subreddit a lot.

Directly posting personal information here isn't allowed, so just post a comment along the lines of, "I'm the guy who broke the frisbee" or "I'm the one who gatecrashed the birthday party" – this will help us know who we are PM'ing. Alternatively, for those of you who don't want anyone knowing your usernames, you could post a comment on the Facebook event page instead.

I look forward to hanging out with you guys again soon!

~ The blonde-haired Australian.

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