Opinions on working in Nara?

I've got a job interview in Nara but I don't know the exact location yet. Assuming it's #1 close to the city center or #2 close to the Osaka border what do you think about living there?

When I was in Kyoto I loved the Gold's gym there at Nijo and definitely want to have a good gym with Western style equipment. ex. Dumbells at least to 100lb, squat racks, deadlift area, military press rack and machines that have decent weight (I know cheap gym equipment in Korea is incredibly low weight).

Besides that we have a car and I'll probably buy a motorcycle eventually, which should make Nara better.

Internet speed decent out there? We may also need a daycare depending on how far away we are from the in-laws (Osaka side of Nara/Osaka border).

Edit: Rent to a place suitable for 2 parents and a baby. Can be reasonably far from station since we have a car. It's surely cheaper than Kyoto and Osaka right?

What do you guys think? Anyone else living there?

Edit: I forgot, I may also try to enroll in a language school. The last one I went to was a visa scam for Chinese people where I didn't learn anything. I've self studied to about an N3 level. Any good schools in Nara?

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