Upgrading to a Bidet, help in getting a good value

I currently live in Okinawa (not military) and would like to finally (after two years) get a Bidet for my home. Generally I wouldn't like to spend more than 2-Man (200$). I've been looking at YamadaDenki and BestDenki, along with Amazon.co.jp and Rakuten.

I'm leaning towards

Toshiba SCS-T160


Inax CW-RG2/BN8

for no particular reason except that they are within my budget. If spending a bit more would net me a air drying feature that would be nice. But really I don't need heating for either water or especially the seat (live in Okinawa, heated seats are torture).

If anyone has any advice/suggestions or can provide any guidance I'd appreciate it.

Thank you.

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