Making skirts/dresses work in the wind tunnel that is Tokyo

Pencil skirts here don't fit me. I can either go with an M and it would fit my waist if I could fit it over my thighs, or I can go with an L and have a huge gap around my waist. Yes, I've heard of tailors. They're expensive and, being a busy woman, I prefer to wear my skirts/dresses straight away instead of waiting up to 2 weeks. Something I would be able to do with A-line skirts/dresses if only Tokyo wasn't so damn windy.

What do you do if, like me, you love skirts/dresses and hate going to the tailor?

I have tried looking for shorts to wear underneath, but all the ones I found were transparent once I put them on, completely defeating the purpose of wearing them… So if any of you have found the perfect pair of undershorts that cover your butt and aren't see-through, please do tell!

I have tried skirts with inset shorts, which are great, but the legs are generally designed to be fairly loose. This is comfortable until the humidity and heat ramps up to the point where all that material is just getting bunched up in a sweaty knot between my thighs. Yuck.

I've tried playsuits that sort of look like dresses, but in the summer months, it's the same disgusting problem as before.

I've bought some long skirts as well, but I would still like to be able to wear shorter ones without worrying about flashing everyone.

Anyone out there found a solution?

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