PSA: Fukuoka city no longer administers foreign driving license conversion skills test, not a complaint just a heads up for people who search

I relied on this info about converting from a Fukuoka JET, this information from Rainbow FIA and general postings online about foreign license conversion.
The old process: practice for a few lessons (optional), get license translation from JAF, take some photos for license, take all documents to the Minami Drivers License Center in Fukuoka and once cleared you can schedule your driving test.
As of March: Fukuoka and Kitakyushu City Driver License Centers are "no longer suitable" for administering the foreign conversion practical skills test. From now forward, only those who don't need a driving test can convert their license here.
A large portion of websites online and even some employees at the drivers license center here don't have this information reflected on their site so please be careful. An employee on the phone told me to come even though I explicitly said 「出身はカリフォルニアので、外国免許切り替え運転の試験を取らなければならない」which means "my hometown is in California, so I have to take the foreign license conversion driving test".
Where can you take the test:
Unfortunately, far away. Iizaka, Chikuho and Chikugo Cities are the closest places that still administer the driving test for foreigners but I have not confirmed this yet. Even after I call and have my translation coworker assist me, I'm worried that what I hear on the phone will be different from when I arrive.
I am going to go there and I'll edit this post with confirmation.
Potential setbacks with this:
Typically, it's recommended to practice at a school because the school has a replica of the driving test at your test center. If you have to travel one hour by train to a small town you risk two things: not being able to practice because it would take too long to get there and eat up too much time from work or even worse, they don't have a driving school that lets you practice anyway.
The other potential problem is that some people fail two or three times before passing. That's going to be harsh when you have to travel one hour by train.
Why I didn't post in Fukuoka:
That place is dead. But I'll cross post.

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