Any advice on getting a refrigerator shipped to an island?

A little info about my situation: I live on one of the Izu Islands. I've never had trouble with Takkyubin or shipping before, but it seems like I have one now.

My refrigerator broke and I'm in the market for a new one. The current one I have came with the place I'm living, but buying a new one will be up to me.

I found a few refrigerators I liked on Amazon, but I've had two different orders cancelled (both fridges from Bic Camera via Amazon). In the emails I got from Amazon, it says the orders were cancelled because of a stocking problem, but it says they have them in stock and I'm guessing the real reason I've had two separate orders cancelled is that I live on an Island near Tokyo and not the mainland.

Does anybody have any advice about getting a fridge shipped to the islands?

Edit: I've talked to neighbors and gone to local electronic stores. Strictly asking if anybody knows of any online options that would ship to my location.

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