Live in a mansion, neighbor is loud and rude. How to approach the situation after I’ve already spoken to him twice?

I moved to Kyoto 3 weeks ago for language study at a uni and they put me up in a mansion pretty close by.

I'm sure part of this is me venting, but I'm also wondering if I should navigate the situation any differently if I decide to escalate this to our landlady. It's the second time I've had to remind him to keep it down– the first time at 4 in the morning while he and his buddy were smoking, drinking and yelling. Naturally, a mansion has thin walls and I'm already a shit sleeper, and we leave right on top of a trolley line, etc…So last night, at 1230, I had to remind him that tomorrow is Monday and people got shit to do, and he kept trying to invite me in to hang out. I was pretty pissed off because he was drying his fucking laundry with a blowdrier at 1am…and continued to do so after I complained, and continued to be loud. This is recurring but only sometimes is it bad enough to complain, and last night he was grinning while I was talking in my passable Japanese.

Anyways, any thoughts on what to do? Anything I should be aware of if I escalate it to my landlady? She knows me well enough already because my mailbox was broken when I moved in, but he's been here for longer than me of course–some kind of steel worker he said. Of course last option is to go to my uni and tell them. Your thoughts are appreciated.

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