Advice requested: A young half boy moved to Japan, as a teacher how can I help?

Slightly long, thanks for reading. Some details omitted, feel free to ask questions

There are some details that will not be included, but I will try to explain as much as I can.

A boy, which lived in America until January of this year just moved to Japan. From what I can gather, his Japanese is really low. Acts like a normal spunky quiet American kid going through a tough time. I've seen it a 100 times as a teacher in America.

From what I can gather about his situation is: His parents got a divorce and his mom took him with him back to JP. His mom, again from what I heard from other teachers, is Strong willed. For example, he has two names. American: John* while his Japanese name is Sato*. He told the teachers to call him Sato, but when I talked to him .. He prefers John.

So the Japanese teachers have asked me to try to mentor him and help him feel more comfortable. I was a BBBS ( big brother big sister ) in America, so I had a similiar situation and I do really enjoy helping kids in situations like this.

At my last school, I had a girl which has lived here her whole life. She speaks Japanese and English, but pretends not to know English so she doesn't get picked on or other comments, Because she is a half.

So, I'd like to ask the community for any recommendations, especially those who have kids that are half that may not fit in completely.

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