USD to Japanese Yen money transfer recommendations

I'm visiting my wife in Japan for the next few months, as we're in a distance marriage and she just gave birth to our first-born son. I want to help her out with rent while she's on maternity leave and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for money transfer with little to no conversion costs. Paypal will charge about $9.16 for a transfer of $1,000 USD. Japanese maternity leave is up to a year, though, and that's quite a lot in fees over time. I'm also looking into Aspiration Bank (No monthly service fees, Minimum deposit of $10, FDIC Insured up to $250k, and no ATM fees for any ATM anywhere in the world) and I heard that Charles Schwab is even better for perks. Does anyone have experience with a cheap money conversion/transfer service in Japan? I'd appreciate any insight you can provide. Thanks!

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