Looking for advice for dealing with Interac (29.5 hr related)

Hey folks,

Ive signed on for another year with the company; new placement, new school. Ive received my schedule, and it looks like Interac wants me to show up for 8 am – 5 pm everyday. In previous years, its been 8 – 3:30. As you may know, Interac only pays its ALTs for 29.5 hrs of part-time work per week, with every resting minute between classes treated as unpaidfree time. Ive seen the contract that the Board of Education sent to the school, and the school is under the impression that I am a full-time, 40 hr / week worker.

Im more than aware that Interac is exploitative and treats its employees like toilet paper, and Im not looking for chastising for signing on for another year (I have my reasons). Im looking for some advice on how to talk about working hours with management, if anyones dealt with a similar situation before.

Thanks for reading.

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