Place to live within riding distance of Roppongi?

I will be starting a new job in Roppongi soon, issue is that I like to ride to work and Roppongi is too far. Currently I live in Kami Itabashi and ride to Shinjuku, takes about 35mins. But Roppongi is just too far, I don't want that long a ride each day. What are cheap suburbs I should be looking at? I am currently only paying 63000 for my apartment, don't want to spend over say 80-90,000 on my next one.

Finding it a little hard to search as the real estate listings don't really cater for my type of search. I have tried "within X minutes of station" searches but they don't work well.

EDIT: actually the map search "draw" function works well for my needs once I figured out what it was…

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