Grounding a gaming laptop necessary?

Hey all,

So I recently got my new Dell gaming laptop (Japanese version) repaired because while i was playing a game, it all of a sudden just died on me and wouldn't turn back on. I got the report back from Dell JP and they said they replaced the motherboard and the power adapter, which leads me to believe this was something power related (my belief is based on hunches and not solid proof or computer electrical know-how).

I know most things in Japan don't need to be grounded, but since gaming laptops draw more power than most consumer electronics, should I treat them differently?. Should i invest in making sure that the grounding cable on the laptop AC power adapter is hooked up to a ground? (All the outlets with grounding are in the kitchen or bathroom, or taken by the air condition) Or am I just being paranoid and my laptop breaking was more likely a result of being unlucky?

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