Proper "Google Search" terms for finding a driving school that has one hour practice sessions for license conversion?

I've searched on this topic, I've read about it from a JET post related specifically to my prefecture here, in general here, about the driving test here and here, and finally this.
I don't want to take the test without practice, but I'm having a fucking horrible time finding schools that allow practice sessions. One school in my area I know for a fact does, has started to become "gaijin hostile" and I don't want to support them (Hakata Driving School). I'm trying to Google search for schools that have practice sessions for 外国免許からの切り替え but all I get are the greedy 300,000 yen full time high school graduate business schools.
Does anyone know the magic words I can search for? (And yeah I already tried searching for 外国免許からの切り替え and "school" either in katakana or kanji)
I have money, I'm willing to pay, but it seems like all the schools I found in my area are only interested in making 300,000 off of high school graduates.

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