NHI Cost? (First Year on WHV)

Hi, Reddit.

Sorry, I'm pretty much green as green can be, so some help would be greatly appreciated. I've tried searching around and asking about, but am still kind of bewildered.

I only just moved to Japan on a Working Holiday Visa and registered at my ward office on the 14th of March, filling in the application for the NHI. I got two part time jobs that I start working next week. The lady at the ward office said the NHI would be 9000 yen a month, and that this was the cheapest. Just want to check – is that right? I didn't work here last year/last fiscal year and haven't earned anything yet. Work isn't gonna cover as my work week is split between two part time jobs rather than one full time.

Just want to make sure – my Japanese isn't good enough to read all the paperwork, and Google translate isn't quite doing the trick as well as I'd hoped.

Thanks in advance!

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