Someone Tried To Subtweet Chrissy Teigen, But Of Course She Found It

Never underestimate Chrissy Teigen’s savagery. 
Twitter user @aleashofkeys, also known as “aj,” tried to secretly insult the 31-year-old model in a tweet by censoring Teigen’s name with asterisks ― but things didn’t go as planned.

Chr*ssy T*ig*n is…..*looks both ways*beginning to annoy me— aj (@aleashofkeys) March 30, 2017

In an act of apparent wizardry, Teigen replied to the subtweet Thursday night, daring the “aj” unfollow her. Her clap back left Teigen’s fans baffled.
Many people wondered how Teigen was able to uncover “aj’s” insult. Others were straight-up afraid of her tweet-finding skills.
“How did you even see this,” one Twitter user asked. “Are you God?”

You should *looks both ways* unfollow me— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) March 31, 2017

@chrissyteigen how did you even see this are you God— The Boy ❤️ (@shookened) March 31, 2017

@aleashofkeys You thought censoring her name would keep you safe from Queen Chrissy— Cece | Gaga (@CantReadMyJudas) March 31, 2017

@chrissyteigen Didn't tag you, blocked out letters in your name, yet you still got her!— Kyle O'Connor (@KyleThatKyle) March 31, 2017

@chrissyteigen so scared of you that not only did she subtweet you, she did it without vowels! And you still found it! (Do you have your own Beygency?)— Ghazala Irshad (@ghazalairshad) March 31, 2017

@chrissyteigen Someone being Salty to you senses Activate!— Møƀɨᵾs ᅇ (@Mobius___Strip) March 31, 2017

Teigen later explained that, no, she’s not a wizard. She just has very loyal fans.
“People tag me with the shit talking they see!” she tweeted. “I am bored but not that bored.” 

People tag me with the shit talking they see! I am bored but not that bored.— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) March 31, 2017

Moral of the story: Don’t even try to hide from the queen of Twitter because her fans will find you.

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