Japan doesn’t require payout of outstanding holidays on resignation?

Stop me if I'm over-thinking things… Certainly my boss doesn't appear to be out to screw me, but still, it's strange…

Important bits in bold.

I work for a company that is open on public holidays but has a few weeks a year where it's closed, which count as holidays and I accrue holidays through the year too, to take off on vacation at times I can choose within reason. Overall I'm sure I'd expect I get the equivalent of the public holidays plus 2 weeks (or more) that's required by law.

I gave 30 days notice of resignation a couple of weeks ago, and my boss is now asking me to change my finish day to be 3 days later on my resignation letter so that I can use up my 3 days outstanding leave.

So I'll technically be working for two separate companies on those three days, as I'm going into another company, starting immediately after the 30 days notice.

He explained that Japan doesn't ​have to pay out holidays so this is how he gets the paperwork to work out. And he also has to line up the employment-protection insurance to the same date (something that I gather my employer pays into but not normally something I have any particular visibility of).

So he's kind of doing a kindness, since he wouldn't have to pay for those three days if he didn't want to(?).

He's also offered I could finish three days earlier and make the last three days (within the 30 days' notice) count as holidays. I don't really want to do this, as I'm still on good terms and want a smooth handover for everyone involved.

Does it seem strange? I tried to say, I'll work the remainder of my time, don't change the finish date, just add the holidays payment as a separate line item in the payslip, but it somehow doesn't seem to be possible.

Full disclosure: the company is an Eikaiwa… but don't hold it against me ;-p, I'm on a salary, working 5 days a week for a fixed monthly amount; I'm not technically full-time as they only count teaching hours which are kept under 30 each week so they don't need to pay Shakaihoken (pension and health insurance).

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