Money disappearing from my bank account. Was it my old apartment or new apartment?

I'll try to keep this as quick and brief as possible while still being detailed enough.

I recently moved into a new apartment. Like my old apartment, I decided that automatically wiring money each month from my JPOST account would be a good idea. So, when signing papers for the new apartment, I put down the account info and signed that it's okay to take out the rent every month.

A couple of weeks ago, in preparation for the automatic transfer, I place the appropriate amount of money into the ATM. I notice I have a bit over ¥120,000 in the account after depositing the rent money.

Keep in mind that the new apartment's rent is ¥75,000, so I had at least an extra ¥45,000 in the account. The old apartment's rent was around ¥86,000.

A few days ago, I get an email from the new realtor company saying that the automatic transfer request didn't go through because my signature was different. I looked at the transfer request and realized rather than signing my full last name, I only initialed it (I know, stupid). So I tell the realtor not to worry, that I'll send the rent money manually.

Today I go to the JPOST ATM and attempt to wire the rent to the company. Lo and behold, I don't have enough money to pay for the rent! My account's balance is in the ¥40,000s.

Basically, wtf do I do? Is it possible that the old realtor company took out money even though I'm no longer using them? Is this some weird mandala effect shit? And how the hell does someone who's never accessed their JPOST account online go about doing that?

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