Leo palace internet only appears on some devices.

My lap top and cell phone can find my router, but my ps4 and tablet cannot. When I try to set up a connection manually with the ps4 I keep getting a (NW-31291-6) error and it says the ps4 failed to obtain ip address. I have used both the router password and the password that shows up on the tv and still get the same results. I have unplugged the router as well and that still hasn't fixed anything. I was able to connect to a network called "Fon_Free_Internet" which was working fine until yesterday and now I can't even connect to that. I called the leo palace support line, but she said the internet was working fine on their end she wasn't able to do much. She did mention using the LAN cable or buying a new router. It is impossible to use the LAN cable right now though since the ps4 can't reach the LAN cable.

Anyone have any ideas? Would buying a new router be the best option?

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