Workplace harassment and overtime

Situation: Engineer for smaller (less than 50) foreign company. Giashikei. Just started here 1 year ago. Youngest and only foreigner in office. Fluent in Japanese, with no particular problems understanding business level Japanese. I make about 25万 per month.

Problems are that I have to use my own cellphone for work and often get called during break and after work hours. official end time is 17:30. Bill is paid by myself, but they are offering to pay now after 1 year. I sometimes get rude calls if I don't answer immediately. When I don't answer I am usually in a meeting or busy lifting things, checking products, etc.. They speak rude and loudly and criticize me for being inconsiderate. Recently one guy just cut off the call, after I didn't answer asap at 7PM in a bar on Friday evening.

They also try to make me work on the weekends. 'Work is not over on Friday', 'If you cant get everything done, you should do more overtime'. I also need to babysit visiting managers from overseas on the weekends so they make it safely back to the airport.

Now they also want me to get my Japanese driving license out of my own pocket, but on weekdays so I don't have to go to work.

In my contract/rules of employment weekends are holidays and overtime is only paid after 30h of overtime per month. Which I can practically never reach, because any time out of the office is not logged for this. I still report my time weekly to management though.

What should I do? Go home every day on time right now? Stop answering calls on my phone? Make them lay out rules on when I have to answer calls and when not?

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