How do you keep your showerhead nozzle from twisting in the wrong direction? How do you keep it pointed at your body?

My shower has one of those nozzles at the end of a hose, but when I place it on the wall mount it twists towards the shower wall, or towards the door/sink. I can't keep it pointed at me, even if I reduce the water flow pressure.

Neither the wall attachment nor the cylindrical showerhead (the base of it where it touches the wall mount) have those vertical grooves to lock it in place.

How can I remedy this? I figure I need to wrap something around the base of the nozzle to add friction and more pressure, so that it won't twist and become misaligned.

But I'm not sure what to use as padding which will be ok getting wet and won't cause mold stains all over the showerhead.

What do you think?

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