Fukutoshin -> Tobu Tojo line?

Am I correct in thinking that I can take the Fukutoshin line in Shibuya all the way up to Kasumigaseki station in Kawagoe without switching trains? As the Fukutoshin commuter express becomes the Tobu Tojo line once it passes Wakoshi starion?

I also understand that this commuter train runs from Yokohama to Shibuya first (doesnt start in Shibuya like normal Fukutoshin trains). So I guess I can expect it to be very crowded once it arrives in Shibuya, if I were to take it in the morning 7:30~8:00? But perhaps most people riding from Yokohama will exit the train once its reaches Tokyo (Shibuya, Ikebukuro etc.), so it will be a bit less crowded during the right up to Kawagoe?

Kind of strange question perhaps, but I would appreciate any input

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