Stuck in dead-end job, any advice or encouragement is welcome.

Hi guys, I have lived in Japan for almost two years and have been reading this thread since I moved here. This is my first time posting, and I apologize if it ends up looking like a wall of text but I am at my wit's end and I just want to get some sort of input from non-Japanese people living in Japan.

I majored in a STEM major at a US college and made the major mistake of taking a job out of college at a Japanese company without knowing anything about Japanese companies and having never visited Japan. As the first foreigner to join the company as a new graduate they promised big projects, meaningful work, etc. but as all of you know it was the exact opposite. I have less responsibility than I did as an intern in the US, my salary is by far the lowest of all my friends (working in Japan), I was assigned to a division I showed no interest in during interviews and have to do busywork/English teaching to anyone who has a question every day from 8-6 and then take an hour and a half train ride home on one of the busiest lines in Tokyo. Since I didn't study abroad, I have almost no friends, connections, or anything outside of the company I work for now.

I passed N1 a few months after moving here, and I have been desperately applying to jobs at companies all over Japan for over a year. I have applied to over 80 positions and haven't gotten so much as an initial phone screen or interview for a single one. I know this is because I have no experience, and I look like a quitter trying to get out of the position that I chose after just two years. The fact that I worked really hard to get my degree as well as related work experience, along with becoming fluent in Japanese, and all that has led to a dead-end in my career and my day-to-day life has taken most of the joy from studying and working for me; most days I just go home and lay in bed until I fall asleep.

I don't want to give up on living abroad and learning a new language, and I want to believe there is some way to move my career forward without completely giving up and "going home," but I don't know what to do anymore.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'd love to hear any ideas or input you guys have.

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