Having Mental Health Problems in Japan While Being Harassed By Police

For reasons I don't have to discuss here, I have PTSD, and have been dealing with it since about 2011-2012. I also have aspergers and OCD (I don't consider these defects, but they are a part of my daily life). That is to say, I am not "neuro-typical" and I'm dealing with a lot at any given moment. Trying to recover from traumatic events, and only making any noticeable progress during the latter-half of 2016. Add racism to the mix and you have yourself a shit show. I have been stopped four times. Racial profiling is not fun. It is increasing my symptoms. It is actually triggering or "reversing" all of the hardwork I've done to have a normal/stable/healthy (mental) life. It's like getting abused, all over again. It's fucking sickening. If you sympathize with the police, or are one of those "that's just the way it is" or "why did you move here?" types of people, you can go fuck yourself. Racial profiling is disgusting. It makes me want to self-harm. It makes me want to do horrible things to myself. Fuck The Police (in Japan and Everywhere Else). I would also like to add that racial profiling by default automatically entails an element of gender-profiling, and I look male BUT DO NOT identify as such, so I am treated like one.

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