Lump-sum Pension Payment AFTER Having Returned to Japan


So I left Japan (off of JET) in August of 2016. I applied for the Lump-sum Pension Payment on September 1st. I returned to Japan on November 15th to work (America really is NOT my bag). I have yet to receive my payment (As of March 21st, 2017) but have watched all of my friends (All of whom applied after me from Early October to mid-late November) receive their payments and yet . . . mine still remains unresolved and unpaid. Almost seven months.

I am wondering if having come back has screwed up something and they are going to refuse to pay me. Though, when I called to ask about the status -not mentioning the fact that I am back lest it cause even bigger run-around- (and had a friend with better J-skills call) they told me that there wasn't a problem and that it was "processing" and they "can't tell me when the payment will be made, so wait." You'd think if they weren't going to pay, that they would simply say that when I called.

Question is, does ANYONE have any experience coming back to Japan while your payment request was being processed? Did it turn out okay? Does it take a bit longer due to that wonderful Japanese Bureaucratic system? Do they refuse to pay because you are back in the country? Does anyone have experience with the process taking LONGER than the usual six months?

Does anyone have any ideas or knowledge to drop? I would be wonderfully appreciative. This is driving me bonkers.

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