Popo incident last night (Did not break any tables or trash any koban)

I walked to the train station and waited for my friend to arrive last night. A few minutes later, a cop car with sirens and blaring lights pulled up and two cops swarmed me. They asked me a bunch of questions in rapid succession. I couldn't understand all of it since it was too fast and my headphones were still on. I just told them I don't speak Japanese and one of the cop asked me for my zairyu card which I gladly handed over. Another cop pointed at my wallet and asked if she could check it, it's probably illegal as fuck for them to do that but I just gave it to her and she looked at my bank cards, passmo and cash and gave it back. And the other cop was like Ah you live close by here. They apologized and sped off in their car. No idea what the fuck happened.

Any ideas from you guys?

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