Leave Japan, Keep Visa, Come Back (after long period)

I'm going back to my country to take care of a relative who is sick, and I'm not sure when I'll be able to come back.

I currently have a visa and is valid until 2021. I also have a Re-Entry Permit (multiple) stamped in my passport that also indicates I'm able to re-enter Japan until 2021.

I have already named a kanrinin to deal with my jyuminsei tax and will pay that by furikomi if I'm away. I may be gone from Japan for over a year. (It's unknown at the moment..)

I also do not plan on taking any lump-sum Nenkin, as I plan to return, and already informed the Nenkin office to get exempted from having to pay while I'm away while not working.

So, I've heard that one 'possible' way to avoid losing status and visa is to have one's passport stamped with the re-entry permit. I kinda doubt that holds any significance. Though maybe it does.

Though, the main objective is to try to keep my Visa, so when I come back to Japan, I still have a valid working Visa to continue to work.

I've been reading somewhere, while there's no guarantee, it's possible to keep one's Visa and re-register their new address on their Zairyu card once back in Japan and continue status-quo.

I suppose this may be possible if they don't feverishly check? I currently do not plan to give up my Zairyu card at the airport when I leave, as I plan to come back. I just don't know when that will be.

Any constructive advice minus criticism would be most welcome.

Note I told the immigration people the above situation when I got my passport stamped with the re-entry permit, and they didn't advise I couldn't keep my status-quo. Though I somehow doubt they wanted to take the responsibility to be an authority to tell me one way or another.

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