Is there any law against refusing service to foreigners?

Just saw a French couple trying to use a hair salon and they were shown a sign in English that politely said they don't serve non Japanese speaking foreigners.

Is there any kind of discrimination law that would prevent that?

I really wanted to jump in and complain but didn't know what the law was. (I am actually a customer of the salon but I can get by with my basic Japanese)


Obviously there's a good reason for the salon to refuse service to people who don't speak Japanese as people pointed out. Providing service to foreigners is very often an inconvenience for Japanese businesses and in many cases the size of the foreigners market is too small to make business sense to service them.

But this is the point of discrimination laws. It is to protect parts of the population from cases where the market conditions would incentivise business to discriminate against them.

Hence my question is not whether the salon policy is reasonable or ethical (which is what people answered), but where the law stands in this situation.

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