Quitting job during probation – entitled to pay, or no?

Right, so I got a bit of a bumpy start to my life in Japan. I came here after working a job I hated for a year, then straight into another. With three hours of commuting per day I was left with around one-two hours of free time a day (usually spent preparing for work the following day), and I decided to quit after a week. Long story short, it was ridiculous; I figured it was better to give the employer more time to find another candidate than ride out the probation period, and I just couldn't stand the thought of another week.

I signed a temporary contract form which says nothing about quitting. All it says is: "Duration of Employment" (March 6th – March 31st), "Basic Salary" (1000 yen per hour) and "Transportation Allowance" (up to 1600 a day), then my signature and the boss's signature.

In the e-mail exchange between myself and the boss where I told him I wished to quit, he mentions nothing about any of it. His English is pretty bad. I get that I wasted his time and vice versa, but I still worked a 40 hour week and spent 1600 a day to get there.

I've tried asking some of my Japanese friends, but they have no idea. I don't want to message the boss about it before educating myself, and I don't think he'd come out and tell me if he did owe me anything. If anyone knows anything about this one way or the other, I'd really appreciate some light-shedding. Thanks!

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