moving out- a few questions regarding furniture, trash, deposit, etc.

Hello. i'm moving out in a month or so, so i figured i'd start preparing. I have a few questions (quite a lot of them, actually, so don't worry about answering all of them if you're short on time).

  1. Some of the furniture i bought (fridge, microwave, washing machine, etc.) is in excellent condition. Am i able to sell these to a second hand store? How do i go about finding one in my area? Do they buy everything, or mainly electronics? Any estimates on what percentage of the original price can i expect to get?

  2. There's a lot of trash i need to get rid of. this is not furniture, mind you, but actual trash. I don't want to cause trouble for the person that usually collects it by throwing (3x) the usual amount this last month, so i'm wondering if there's anything else i can do. Is there a service where i'm able to call someone and have them pick it up for a fee? Or is that only for furniture? If yes- where can i find their phone number, how much can i expect to pay for a normal 70L bag, and are there any other details i need to be aware of? (how much i can throw in a day, the actual process, etc.) If no- what can i do about this? The company that is renting me the room has a policy where, if you're unable to clean it by the moving date, they'll take care of it for a small fee, so at the end of the day i'm not exactly in trouble, but if there's anything i can do about it by myself i'd like to.

  3. On that note, i also have some furniture to throw out. My ikea furniture, specifically… this is what 粗大ごみ is, right? Can you walk me through the process of throwing it out? (again, cost, how much i can throw in a day, the actual process, etc.)

  4. Then there's my deposit. It's been two years so there's some minor scratches on the floor, but i think there's falls under 'normal wear'. On the other hand, the thing i broke in the bathroom (the place where you hang the towel) doesn't. Also, the AC started leaking water once. It hasn't happened since, but i'll have to tell them regardless so i might have to pay for that too. Will my deposit cover it, or is it one of those cases where the deposit is mostly used to clean the house and i'll have to pay out of my pocket for any extra damages?

  5. Finally, all my accounts. So far i'm cancelling my bank account, phone account, health insurance, as well as informing city hall that i'm leaving. Is there anything else i'm forgetting? (internet and taxes are okay!) To cancel my phone account i'll need to visit a brick-and-mortar shop of my carrier (in my case, AU). How do i go about finding these? Also, seeing as i'm leaving half-way through the month, what do i do about my bills? I'm guessing i pay them in person? If so, where? Lastly, what will happen to my 在留カード?

Thanks for your time, sorry for unloading all my questions on you!

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