Work dates overlapping when changing jobs?

I will be quitting my curreny job on March 15th. I will be starting my new job on March 16th.

I asked my current boss for the paperwork that says im quitting. he says he will come after the 31st because he does all that for each employee at the end of the month.

i will be declaring to immigration that i left the company on the 15th. im worried that the paperwork will say that i worked until the 31st, while i was working for my new company.

is this going to be a problem?

or will everything be ok as long as i declare the correct dates to immigration?

keep in mind i wont actually be working for them at all, its just the dates on what i declare to immigration and what the paperwork says might be different. but my research tells me that immigration might not actually need the paperwork from my company, just my declaration.

also my boss is crazy and a known power harrasser, so im really worried hes trying to fuck me

thank you

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