Looking for a cofounder in Tokyo, figured I’d ask you guys first!

Software engineer in Tokyo here, working full-time at the moment in the AI/IoT space but building out my own project on the side.

Looking for a mobile developer as a cofounder, I'm currently building the API. If I need to I'll learn enough mobile for the prototype but it would be nice to have someone who specializes in mobile on board.

A friend with VC connections will join as CFO/COO when the prototype is done and we're ready to fundraise. Equity only at the moment, we'll work part-time until we fundraise. Be able to commit at least 10 hours a week.

The app is a unique social platform and I'll go into more detail if you're interested. Looking to launch the prototype and build a small initial user base within 6 months and fundraise this year. DM me if you're looking for a side project!

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