Leaving Japan while on WHV

I've been looking around for some information regarding re-entry permits and multiple re-entry permits in regards to my WHV. I am an Australian citizen currently residing in Hokkaido for my working holiday, where I intend to try and stay for up to 1.5 years. Recently I have also considered doing some travelling to other counties and I have actually been offered a job in Ibiza during the summer. In order to consider this offer I have been trying to find information on leaving Japan and coming back on the same visa, which has so far been quite easy. The only information I can't seem to find is whether or not my WHV will continue to "count down" or if it will be put on like "pause" or "hold" for as long as I am out of the country? I'm sorry if this is has an obvious answer I just need to be sure because obviously spending a season somewhere else is a waste of my Visa here. Thanks in advance!

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