I’m stumped trying to input my name in a credit card form to buy baseball tickets

I'm trying to order Yokohama Baystars tickets online. I've created an account. I've used sites before that convert my name or other info to Japanese characters so that I can cut and paste into various online forms.

Anyway, when I select seats and then click through everything and provide credit card details and try to purchase the tickets, I get an error message asking me to input my name correctly.

I have tried it in roman characters, half and full width Japanese characters, and Chinese characters. Nothing works. If I use anything other than Roman characters, I get an error message saying that I'm using the wrong characters.

If I only use roman characters, I just get an error message telling me to input the surname and name correctly.

Here's what the form looks like: http://imgur.com/v8S2Z6L

Here's the error message I keep getting when I type in my info: http://imgur.com/CXXccDc

I've tried typing my name lowercase and in capital letters, and swapping last/first names, but nothing seems to work.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

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