Free Pet Supplies (for Rabbits)

So, I mentioned in the complaint thread that my rabbit passed away.

This was completely unexpected – he went from apparently healthy to, well, dead in the span of about 24 hours. We honestly don't know what happened. One minute he was sitting calmly with the cats, the next he was slumped over, struggling to hold his head up.

Anyway, because we did not see this coming, we were well-stocked on rabbit goods; we have a nearly full bag of food, a nearly full bag of dry grass, a bunch of snacks and treats, toilet sheets, and some toilet chips, a rabbit heater, some cooling sheets, and I think we might still have his leash somewhere. Overall, I'd say about a month's supply of food and toilet sheets for one rabbit.

We also have the cage, which really needs to be cleaned, but it's a medium-sized cage with an extra playpen that you can attach to it. Water bottle and feeders as well.

It's too much to throw away, but because it's all been opened, we probably can't donate it to a shelter. It's everything you would need to take care of a rabbit for at least a few weeks, though, so it would be a fine "starter pack" for someone whose little kid is begging for a pet.

If you have a rabbit, or you want to buy a rabbit, PM me and we can discuss a pickup. I'm in the Urawa (Saitama City/greater Tokyo) area, so I'd be willing to drive to a local train station to hand the stuff off.

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