Unexpected "cash on delivery" package from Photo Create (フォトクリエイト)

I missed a package delivery today from フォトクリエイト ("Photo Create"). It was shipped via Yamato Transport. The weight is marked as ~2kg. The cash on delivery box is checked, so I think I'm supposed to pay for shipping when it arrives (クレクト:代金引換のみ).

I am not expecting any packages. Is this a scam? I plan on just ignoring it when they redeliver. If the delivery person catches me than I will refuse to pay for it.

UPDATE: Had it redelivered, it was just a letter envelope with a generic ad. Not addressed to anyone in particular. The envelope had my address but no name. Didn't have to pay, not sure why the box was checked on the redelivery slip. The ~2kg checkbox must have been for anything up to 2kg. Not sure why it needed my signature to be delivered. Maybe they want to test my address before sending more junk mail.

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