Getting Set Up With TechSoup (NPO)

I recently started working at a small NPO, and I've been on the hunt for services that are offered at discount prices for NPOs.

I found out that Microsoft offers services (such as Office) for NPOs through TechSoup, but I've never handled the process in the United States. Since our NPO will likely grow in the coming year, I thought about going through the process, however the Japanese's version of TechSoup is only in Japanese.

The person who would be doing this is swamped with work until April, and since I'm the one who informed her about it, she asked me to give it a shot. My Japanese is good enough to fill out the most of the online form, and while there's a lot to go through, I think I can handle it. It seems that most of the online form is self explanatory, but there are some questions in the online form that I'm not sure how to answer.

I'm hoping that some people here are familiar with the process, so if anyone can fill me in on the process involved, that would be very helpful.

Here's the link for the Japanese TechSoup Registration Page

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