Got refused by Maneo

After reading our finance thread yesterday, I applied to become an investor on Maneo, the documents I submitted for screening are photo of my Residence Card(valid for 5 years) and Bankbook(Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ).

Today I received their refusal email and feel little frustrated, is there anyone else(I know "NibelungValesti" has succeeded) without PR has got approved on Maneo?

Below is their notification.

このたびはmaneo 投資家申請をいただき、誠にありがとうございました。 審査の結果、残念ながら今回は不承認とさせていただきました。 (審査の詳細については非開示とさせていただいています)


Thank you for applying to become an investor on Maneo. But unfortunately, your application has not been approved this time(We will not disclose the details of screening).

You can keep your membership on our website and we are looking forward to serving you.

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