Anyone have experience with this dental clinic?

I'm getting my wisdom tooth removed and I'm feeling a bit nervous. My boyfriend found the place for me and I assumed he picked it based on good reviews but apparently he picked it because all the staff are female?? Lmao. I don't know why he thought I would care about that, maybe it's a Japanese thing.

I need the two top removed. I had the bottom two removed in one go with laughing gas in the US and it was a decent experience. The lady I saw here was very against getting both out at the same time though.. she seemed shocked when I said I had both bottom ones out at once. I'm ok with no laughing gas although I would prefer it…but I need to know that Novocain would be used copiously.

Anyway, any information on this clinic would be great.

Edit: I just got it done. It was virtually painless, with only a small prick of pain for the injection. But they don't talk you through it at all, so you have no clue what's coming next. For me, this was good in a way. They did make it clear that if I'm feeling pain that's unbearable I could raise my left hand and they would give me more anesthia. They started with a gel and let it sit. Then the injection. Then they pulled it out.

There wasn't any pain in the actual extraction, but it sounded really gross and it felt more like it would break my jaw than anything else (didn't hurt though, just the sound and pressure.)

With my insurance, it was 1,740 yen! (Plus 550 yen for the antibiotics and pain meds)

Just decided to update for anyone else who may be curious.

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