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TL;DR – my contract is not being renewed because a Japanese manager at one school doesn't like my teaching style or me. Question at the end.

I have worked at a particular school with several campuses for a year now and it's come up to contract renewal time. I was told by the English manager that my contract was not being renewed because someone (a Japanese assistant/manager) had recorded me sitting down during class, hit a child and took a could of weeks off work during September (not for vacation- because my father was dying from cancer and I luckily made it back to spend half a day with him before he passed).

I can say with 100% honesty that I didn't hit anyone ever or I didn't sit down with the intention of being lazy. I had major surgery on my stomach just before starting the job and for a month or so I had to sit down due to illness – but they knew that.

Other staff that I work with are shocked that this is happening and says that it's not right. The owners who decided not to renew my contract have never come in and seen me teach or talked to me about any of these issues. My English speaking liaison said back in September about it and I haven't sat down since.

So the question is, am I fighting a lost cause? What are my rights? I love all my co workers and have had no other trouble with anyone else, and I love the students I teach. I am so upset about being told that someone went out of their way to film me and tell the bosses that I got someone.

Thank you for reading and thank you so much if you can give me any insight to what I can do.

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